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Bring your events to life! From inflatables that can’t help but get you noticed, to tents that promote your brand and make you look hot while keeping you cool! Whether you need a 9 foot guerilla or flags for grassroots guerrilla marketing, ColorMix can help you find the perfect product to promote your cause make your event a success.

Product Catalogs

  • colormix-graphics-Sprint-Flag-2
  • colormix-graphics-Gold's-Gym-Tent
  • colormix-graphics-Fairfield-Inn-Tradeshow
  • colormix-graphics-Sprint-Tent-1
  • colormix-graphics-San-Marcos-Tradeshow-2
  • colormix-graphics-State-Farm-Tent
  • orbus-events-1
  • colormix-graphics-Walker-Texas-Realtor-Tradeshow-1
  • colormix-graphics-Ozona-Bank-Tradeshow-2
  • colormix-graphics-Sprint-Tent-2
  • colormix-graphics-Colormix-Tent
  • colormix-flag-eikonchurch
  • colormix-graphics-Sprint-Flag-3
  • colormix-graphics-Colormix-Tradeshow-4
  • colormix-graphics-Sprint-Flag-1
  • orbus-events-2
  • colormix-graphics-San-Marcos-Rattlers-Flags

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